Welcome to Empatherapy™ & Hypnotic Remodeling™

What are Empatherapy™ & Hypnotic Remodeling™?

My name is Elizabeth Powers, and I’ve coined the term     Empatherapy™ to describe how I relate to and align with                        my clients to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

Over the the past 30 plus years, I’ve developed deep empathy                and understanding for other people’s emotional states and accompanying behaviors. As a clear channel, I often receive        profound insights for myself and others from Source.

My intuition, and the lessons I’ve learned from personal life experiences, have given me the insights and ability to deeply      resonate with my clients’ issues and concerns.


Empatherapy draws from a variety of proven therapeutic techniques to help clients release limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that negatively affect their lives. First we remove obstacles to feeling good, being happy, and free. Then we replace them with effective, productive thoughts and behaviors. The result is that both emotional and physical pain are significantly reduced or vanished. I call this method Hypnotic Remodeling,™  an integrated eclectic hypnotic process to effect change.

Empatherapy clients gain clarity, understanding, focus and purpose. They develop ‘can do’ mindsets that allow more love, joy, abundance, prosperity, passion and pleasure into their lives.  read more

Who benefits from Hypnotic Remodeling or Life Mastery Sessions?
  • Individuals committed to living happy, healthy, productive and meaningful lives.
  • People who seek conscious co-creative relationships and deeper levels of intimacy.
  • Anyone wishing to improve the quality and effectiveness of their communication skills.
  • Those willing to be honest and true to themselves, live their passions, and master their lives.
  • All who desire to raise their vibrations and live in alignment with their highest ethics and values.
When you experience Empatherapy with Elizabeth, you will learn how to:
  • Reclaim your personal power and learn how to live with conviction from your core truth.
  • Tune into your higher self, and pay attention to your gut level instincts and higher intuition.
  • Release emotional blocks that keep you stuck and replace them with new effective behaviors.
  • Forgive and let go of negative beliefs, about yourself and others, to gain freedom from the past.
  • Focus your attention and intention to attract supportive relationships, experiences and resources.
  • Create your vision, mission and purpose. Design a master plan for your personal and business life.
  • Use tools and techniques for personal clarity to create positive outcomes and healthy relationships.
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