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“I am passionate about helping others to find their inner integrity and truth; to release blocks to happiness and success; to reveal and live their creative passions; to share from their heart; and to interact consciously with others, with clarity and confidence.”                                                                                                                                With Gratitude & Appreciation, Elizabeth Powers

What are Empatherapy™ & Hypnotic Remodeling™?

EmpatherapyI’m Elizabeth Powers, and I’ve coined the term Empatherapy™ to describe how I relate to my clients. Over the years, I’ve developed a deep empathy and understanding for other people’s emotional states. Also, I often receive profound insights for myself and others from Source.

First, I tune into a client’s life force energy. And, then I draw from my own life experience to resonate deeply with their personal issues and concerns. I also coined the term Hypnotic Remodeling.™   This refers to my integrated and eclectic hypnotherapy process for effecting change.

I combine a variety of proven therapeutic tools and techniques to help my clients let go of fears and negative beliefs. As they release whatever stands in their way, any associated emotional and/or physical pain often tends to vanish as well.

I love helping others to shift their perspectives. I so enjoy helping my clients to develop mindsets that allow more love, joy, abundance, peace, prosperity, and pleasure into their lives.  read more

Who can benefit from Empatherapy Life Mastery Sessions or Hypnotic Remodeling?
  • Those committed to conscious personal and spiritual evolution and to living a meaningful expansive life.
  • Anyone who wants to speak their truth, live their passion, manage their minds, and master their lives.
  • People who seek deeper levels of intimacy, commitment, and conscious co-creative relationships.
  • Individuals wishing to improve the quality and effectiveness of their communication skills.
  • All who desire to raise their vibrations and live in alignment with their values and ethics.
By working with Elizabeth, you will learn how to:
  • Remove emotional blocks that keep you stuck. Set your intentions for what you desire.
  • Reclaim your personal power and learn how to live with conviction from your core truth.
  • Forgive and release negative beliefs about yourself and others. Gain freedom from the past.
  • Learn to tune into your higher self, and pay attention to your gut instincts and higher intuition.
  • Discover how to set intentions that attract beneficial people, experiences and resources to yourself.
  • Use tools and techniques for personal clarity that create positive outcomes and healthy relationships.
  • Create your vision, mission and purpose, then design an overall plan for your personal or business life.
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