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Complimentary Life Mastery Consultation
Do You Feel Stuck or Dissatisfied with Your Relationship or Career?
Perhaps it’s time to ask for help and gain a new perspective!
Special Offer
It’s Time to Look at Your Options and Consider Making a Change?
You are invited to spend 30 minutes with me,
for a live video online
Complimentary (30 Minute) Life Mastery Consultation.

Together, we will examine your current situation and explore possibilities. I’ll guide you in envisioning what’s possible. Then, I’ll talk with you about the shifts that need to happen for you to lead the successful, abundant, love and joy-filled life you desire and deserve.

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FREE 30 Minute Online Live Video Consultation

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For the month of January, I am offering a FREE live video consultation via Skype or ooVoo to those who are ready to take advantage of either my 3 or 5 session special Empatherapy packages. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions, to experience a short personalized visualization, and find out how you too can benefit from working with Elizabeth Powers.

Empatherapy sessions are custom designed to help you discover and release energetic and emotional blocks. Clearing is an essential preparation in the process of designing a plan for living the life of your dreams and creating your heaven on earth. Releasing blocks reveals a clean slate on which your passion, purpose, vision and mission can be written.

If you are already a Spiritual Entrepreneur, and are experiencing some resistance or blocks to moving your business forward, the energy and emotional release sessions can help you break through to the ultimate level of success and abundance you desire.

To arrange for your free 30 minute consultation, please email me at elizabeth@elizabethpowersempatherapy.com with your full name and your Skype name. I will get back to you within 24 yours to schedule a mutually compatible time to talk.