Private Sessions

Private Online Live Video

Life Mastery Sessions WIth Elizabeth

in the Comfort of Your Home 

Sessions are held via live video on Skype, ooVoo, Zoom or other similar video venue.  Phone sessions are available, though video sessions are preferable and tend to be more effective. Each session is customized to meet your specific needs. To effect major life changes, a series of sessions is highly recommended.

Individual Personalized Life Mastery Sessions can help you to . . .
  • Live from Your Core Truth and Unleash Your Creative Passions.
  • Unconditionally Share Love, Compassion and Acceptance with Others.
  • Release Energetic and Emotional Blocks to Love, Intimacy, Pleasure, Joy and Abundance.
  • Replace Limiting Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors and Free Your Mind From Doubt and Fear.
  • Envision Your Desired Outcomes, Design a Master Plan for Your life, and Manifest Your Dreams. 

If you are committed to feeling free and leading an expansive and meaningful life, I’d be honored to be your guide. I can help you to go deeper and discover your inner wisdom, core values and truth. You will learn how to honor your inner code of ethics and live your truth in all your interactions with others.

“This above all, to thine own self be true…”

And, if you really want to know yourself and live from your core truth, you must be willing to invest in yourself and take the leap of faith required to unleash your full potential.

Designing a Master Plan for Your Life, Actualizing Your Vision, and Manifesting Your Dreams

When your blocks are cleared and you are living from your core truth, unconditional love and acceptance, a clean slate will be revealed on which your purpose, vision and mission can be written.

An essential part of your discovery, you will reveal what you truly want in life. Working together, we will reveal your passions, your inherent talents, interests and skills. Together we will examine new options and possibilities, then create a map for manifesting your vision for a successful satisfying life.

With your vision in mind, we will launch a plan for achieving your goals. As your personal guide and accountability partner, I can help you implement your plan. Step by step, this journey will take you from your current life to living your vision. To fully actualize your desired outcome, your agreement, commitment and participation in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work is necessary.

Ready to take charge of your life and reclaim your power?

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