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Complimentary Life Mastery Consultation
Do You Feel Stuck or Dissatisfied with Your Relationship or Career?
Perhaps it’s time to ask for help and gain a new perspective!
Special Offer
It’s Time to Look at Your Options and Consider Making a Change?
You are invited to spend 30 minutes with me,
for a live video online
Complimentary (30 Minute) Life Mastery Consultation.

Together, we will examine your current situation and explore possibilities. I’ll guide you in envisioning what’s possible. Then, I’ll talk with you about the shifts that need to happen for you to lead the successful, abundant, love and joy-filled life you desire and deserve.

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Author: Elizabeth Powers

Elizabeth Powers is a dynamic, effective and dedicated Life Mastery Facilitator, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Force Energy Balancer and Spiritual Teacher. She finds great joy in guiding clients to discover their vision and life purpose, to unleash their inner passion and creativity, and to design a master plan for living the life of their dreams. Elizabeth lovingly assists each client in connecting with Source, their own unique inner being (the Divinity within), and their Higher Self. Elizabeth empowers her clients to reveal their innate truth, power, courage, authenticity through clear conscious communication. She calls her counseling style Empatherapy as she combines empathy and her own innate empathic abilities with a variety of modalities, tools and techniques.

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