Feelings No Words Can Explain

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These “best feelings” are the ones I desire to abide in. Therefore, I’ve been creating processes to help me increasingly remain in a place of pure unconditional love. I’ve learned that the more loving, content, passionate, joyful and powerful I feel, the easier it is to tap into that place in others.

Those precious life moments and intense peak experiences are always with us as feelings stored deep within the kinesthetic memories of our bodies and minds. To access these memories, I close my eyes, relax and then begin to reflect on the most memorable times in my life. I look for the times when I’ve felt exalted in love, deeply intimate and tender, joy-filled and ecstatic, vulnerable yet powerful . . . as if riding on the ethereal wings of a natural high.

As I bring these thoughts and feelings into present time, my body and mind begin to feel lighter. I feel Source energy radiate through me…a warm surge…like Kundalini rising.

I breathe in gold light energy and it fills my entire being. Suddenly, in the here and now, I am feeling passionate about life once more. The more I practice and allow myself to be in joy, the better I feel. The better I feel…the more I accomplish…the better I feel. Growth and manifestation are exponential as long as I remain in the energy of love.

Words are often inadequate to describe some of our highest and best feelings, yet it’s the feelings we seek…not an explanation. Why or the how something happens is irrelevant, it’s the what is happening to me right now that’s important. The past is only memory and can be recalled as needed to learn from. Feelings gleaned from past memories can be recreated in the now. We can release those memories that do not serve us and bring into our hearts, the love, joy, and beauty that feeds our soul. There is no need to say a thing.

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