A Fresh Start . . . for 2016 and Beyond

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Welcome to Empatherapy (formerly Elizabeth Powers Empatherapy)

So much has happened in my life since my return to Northern California in June of 2012. The internet service where I was living for the past almost four years was undependable and frequently I’d loose connection. Consequently, I was unable in good conscience, to continue seeing clients online. Therefore, I made the choice to focus on personal needs, wants and desires in various aspects of my life.

It’s been a time for self-exploration and relationships, reconnecting with the various communities and friends I’d missed while living in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years. I dove in deeply and expanded my knowledge of the art of Tantra and added Erotic Hypnosis to my skill set. I also connected more deeply with my personal energy through Biodanza (The Dance of Life) classes, and learned new technologies from Network for New Culture events on how to live in conscious, loving and co-creative community.

For those of you who were familiar with my previous website, www.elizabethpowersempatherapy.com, you’ll still be able to find me. I have carried forward my old blog posts, as some of the articles are of value to share with new viewers. My new website is now simply named www.empatherapy.com and focuses primarily on learning the skills for clear and conscious communication, and for creating dynamic and powerful relationships with self and others.

In addition to offering private Life Mastery sessions for individuals, I plan to hosting webinars, and offer classes, workshops and events both in my local community and online using an interactive live video format.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Elizabeth. Please be respectful when leaving comments. Relate your messages only to the specific blog articles posted as all else will be considered spam and removed.


Author: Elizabeth Powers

Elizabeth Powers is a dynamic, effective and dedicated Life Mastery Facilitator, Interactive Communications Specialist and Certified Hypnotherapist. She finds great joy in guiding clients to discover their vision and life purpose, to unleash their inner passion and creativity, and to design a master plan for living the life of their dreams. Elizabeth lovingly assists each client in connecting with Source, their own unique inner being (the Divinity within), and their Higher Self. Elizabeth empowers her clients to reveal their innate truth, power, courage, authenticity through clear conscious communication. She calls her counseling style Empatherapy as she combines empathy and her own innate empathic abilities with a variety of modalities, tools and techniques.

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