About Elizabeth

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“I am passionate about helping others to discover their own inner integrity, self love and respect; to release perceived barriers to health, happiness and success; to reveal and live their  creative passions; to claim their power and state their purpose, mission and vision; to achieve their highest potential and actualize their dreams; to form healthy relationships; and to share their hearts and consciously speak their truth, with clarity, confidence and ease.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         With Gratitude, Elizabeth Powers

Elizabeth Powers is a dynamic, effective and dedicated Life Mastery Educator and Communication Specialist.

Elizabeth skillfully guides her clients to discover their own inner vision and life purpose; to unleash their creative passions;  and to design a master plan for living the life of their dreams.

She assists her clients to connect with their own innate truth, power and courage. Elizabeth’s clients learn how to develop their own unique voice and to express themselves authentically with honesty, transparency, clarity and confidence. She views each human being as unique, valuable, worthy, healthy and whole. She is available and skilled in working with all gender and ethnic identities.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the Humanities specializing in Learning Facilitation (Learning How to Learn). She earned an Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification from Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, in Palo Alto, CA. She was certified as a Life Mastery Teacher and Facilitator by Hartmont Institute in San Francisco, CA. She is also certified as an Ananda Meditation Teacher. Elizabeth has been engaged in the personal growth and spiritual development field for more than 30 years.

In college, Elizabeth completed additional courses in speech pathology and counseling psychology. She incorporates into her work, a variety of therapeutic modalities: Hypnosis, Voice Dialogue, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Guided Visualizations, Energy Work, Meditation, Past Life Regression, Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing Techniques, Accelerated Learning, Raja Yoga and Yogic Breathing, Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing Breathwork, and Spirit Release Work as taught by the late Irene Hickman.

Five of the eight years that Elizabeth was actively engaged with the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), she served as an Intern assisting at about forty experiential “Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops.” She also assisted with the Hartmont Institute’s “Emergence Experience” workshops. By being present to the emotional and spiritual transformation of hundreds of participants from diverse ethnic origins, cultural backgrounds and gender identities, she gained profound insights into human nature that she brings to her work with individuals, couples, and groups.

Elizabeth created and presented workshops entitled “Healthful Living,” “Pursue Your Passion,” “Communicate with Confidence” and “Coming Alive in ’95.” In the 1990’s she led two hypnosis workshops for a Conference for Aging at the personal invitation of California Congresswoman Jackie Speier. Elizabeth is also a former member of San Francisco, CA branch of the National Speakers’ Association.

Spiritually speaking, Elizabeth has a diverse background in Eastern and Western philosophy and religion. She taught Episcopal Sunday School in her early years, studied earth based religions and Eastern philosophies, and became a Kriya Yogi at Ananda in Nevada City, CA. Additionally, she has studied New Thought including the teachings of Charles and Myrtle Filmore, Emilie Cady, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Ernest Holmes.

Elizabeth resumed her study of Tantra in 2012 and actively participated in the San Francisco Bay Area classes and pujas. She also attended Biodanza (therapeutic dance) classes. She loves to dance and it helps to keep her feeling younger than her years. Elizabeth is a creative artist and a lifelong learner who currently expanding her knowledge in Internet Marketing.

Elizabeth is available for private sessions, classes, workshops on a variety of topics related to personal and spiritual growth as well as helping startup entrepreneurs to build their businesses.
She holds Private Online Live Video Sessions with English speaking Expats around the world especially in SE Asia, via Zoom or Skype, to help clients transform their lives and relationships.

Elizabeth currently resides in Vancouver, WA  and previously lived in the beautiful city of Da Nang, Vietnam where she saw local Vietnamese clients and Expats from several countries. Although she finds live video sessions far more effective, she can do phone sessions for those who are unable to access the live video internet options. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact Elizabeth.