Insights From Elizabeth, The First Edition – January, 2020


Getting to Know Me: How I Learned the Value of Being True to Myself

When I was a very young girl, my father read to me every night at bedtime. He taught me how to memorize and recite poetry, and shared his favorite quotes and snippets of wisdom. By the time I reached the age of reason, I had been exposed to every fairly tale, children’s story and nursery rhyme available at the time. He even read selections from Shakespeare to impress on my young mind the importance of honoring my nature, my heart, my creativity and passion, and my values and truth. It was the greatest gift a father could give his daughter, a legacy that has served me throughout my life.

Dad always treated me as an intelligent, holistic human being; with love, respect, compassion and understanding. He was my first spiritual teacher, and until recent years, one of the few people who connected with me at the level of heart and soul. His own relationship with spirit was strong and his intelligence keen.

As an adopted child, I was grateful to have Dad as my advocate in the world. He was my guide, mentor and parent, protecting and defending me until I developed the strength of character to care for myself. Sadly, my adopted mother was a fearful controlling woman. Had it not been for Dad teaching me to stand up for my truth, I might have been victim to her neurosis and emotional  immaturity. With his guidance, I was able to endure her unreasonable demands and punishment-oriented parenting.

One of my earliest recollections is a time when I was sitting in my junior chair (a wooden high chair with the tray removed so I could sit at the dining table). I was about 3 1/2 years old and though I don’t recall the specifics of my mother’s issue with me, I do recall the feelings.

She was demanding that I confess to, and apologize for, something that I knew I hadn’t done. I refused to do her bidding. Even at that young age, I knew I was being truthful, and that by apologizing, I would be telling a lie. She threatened to keep me home and not allow me to go with my father on his Saturday errands in town. She knew that this was the greatest punishment she could administer, as Saturdays with my father were the highlight of my week.

In my mind I can still see the incredulous look on her angry red face. It was an expression I witnessed many times throughout my growing up years when mother grabbed a wooden coat hanger, yard stick or hair brush and spanked me to justify the rage she carried inside. I rarely did anything to justify punishment, and certainly not the kind she delivered.

The bottom line was that my mother didn’t trust me and somehow resented my relationship with my father, her husband. Even as a child, I knew that the reasons behind her anger were not about me. And thanks to my father’s teachings, I did not own the shame or guilt that lie beneath her rage.

As I grew older, I realized that her behavior was the result of not trusting herself. The torment she felt came from what she herself had done when she was young. I was the “whipping boy” to assuage her guilt, though I didn’t know the reasons behind this until many years later…but that’s another story. My deepest sadness around my mother is that I cannot recall an encouraging word, or a time when she held me or hugged me with love. I only recall her judgmental words and touching me in anger.

I am grateful to have been blessed with a father who loved me and encouraged me to be true to myself. Throughout my youth, he was my rock until his untimely passing at 60 years of age, when I was only 21. He was not only my father, but also my best friend.

I shall always remember his soothing voice, heart healing hugs, and gentle loving ways. He was the one who was there for me, to listen and give guidance and comfort, when I was frightened or sad.

Dad’s favorite quote was William Shakespeare’s,“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” It remains my favorite quotation and I live my life by it to this day. Thank you Dad…this quote and your guidance served me well.

Although I had a good intellectual understanding of our family dynamics, it was not until I did some deep inner work, that I was able to release the loss I felt upon my father’s passing. It was compounded later that month when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in November of 1963. My father was put to rest on my first wedding anniversary. His words still live in my mind.

My mother, who was five years my father’s senior, remained a widow and lived another twenty five years. She never released her fears or need to control. In her eighties, she would pout and throw tantrums in attempt to get her way. It would have been lovely to feel her love and know her as a friend, much like the relationship I’ve nurtured with my son.

Not surprisingly, I’ve attracted to myself people who’ve attempted to control me…but could not succeed.  I had the perfect parents to teach me how to stay true to myself despite what others would have me say, be or do.

While studying Counseling Psychology at California State University in Chico, CA, I exchanged sessions with fellow students. As an intern at the Human Awareness Institute workshops, a Life Mastery Teacher trainee at Hartmont Institute, and a hypnotherapy student at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy, I experienced a variety of therapeutic modalities including Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Voice Dialog, Guided Visualizations, Focusing, Role Playing, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Transactional Analysis to name a few. 

To become proficient in these various techniques, students work through their own personal issues and gain experience working with both private clients and groups. I personally love using teaching tales (reminiscent of the famous medical hypnotist and psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson) and drawing on my vast and varied life experience.

In working with clients, I also rely on my innate ability to read, channel and move energy. Additionally, as an avid student of Spirituality, I incorporate yogic practices and the Universal Spiritual Principles, especially Law of Attraction, in my work.

Be the Love You Desire in Your Life

Be The Love You Desire
Be The Love You Desire


Do you want a loving relationship, but can’t find the perfect partner?

Are you already in a relationship yet feel unhappy, dissatisfied or unloved?

Would you like to know how to attract more love and intimacy into your life?


“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
 ~ Eden Ahbez, American Songwriter

To Be the Love You Desire in Your Life, begin by writing down your answers to the following questions:
  • How do I know that I’m loved, and what does ‘being love’ mean to me?
  • What are the qualities and values I want in an intimate partner?
  • Do I possess and express these same qualities and values?
  • Or, am I seeking an intimate partner to fill an emptiness or lack I perceive in myself?
    Imagine that you are the intimate partner you desire to attract.
  • Ask yourself, if I were them, would I love me?
  • Do I repel or reject, rather than attract the intimacy and love I desire?
You are Invited to Explore the Following Essential Steps for Attracting Healthy, Happy, Loving Relationships and Being the Love You Desire and Deserve.
What are the negative thoughts and behaviors that prevent you from attracting the love you desire?

Thoughts that are governed by fear, anxiety, guilt, blame, shame, distrust, judgments, excuses, self-deception, expectations, and other negative self-talk and emotions emit energetic vibrations that repel others. To become a magnet for love, it is essential to let go of negativity and allow your unconditionally loving nature to emerge.

How to begin releasing patterns that repel love and intimacy.

On an 8″ x 11″ sheet of paper, create two columns by drawing a vertical line down the middle. Label the left hand column Negative Beliefs to Release, and the right hand column, Affirmations for Positive Outcomes.

1. List your negative thoughts, behaviors and beliefs in the left column.
A negative belief might be, “I can’t have love in my life because I’m too old and nobody wants me.”

2. Create a positive affirmation for each negative in the right column.
A positive affirmation might be, “I am now attracting my perfect intimate partner who loves me just as I am.”

Complete your lists, then look at each affirmation for similarities to others. Combine them to create a total of three to five affirmations.

Write each positive affirmation on a 3″ x 5″ index card. Post these cards where you can read them at least three times daily for the next 28 days.

Speak your affirmations aloud as you gaze into your own eyes in a mirror (a perfect place to post your affirmations). This is a powerful way to embody these messages and create positive transformation. Do this three to five times daily for maximum results.

As you release beliefs that no longer serve your highest good, it’s important to also forgive everyone who helped you create negativity in your life, including…and especially…yourself.

When you affirm self-love daily, you will naturally become more loving, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, and even more beautiful. Then, you too can honestly say, I AM LOVE!

With focused attention, intention and practice, you will begin to attract the love you desire in your life.

A version of this post was previously published as part of a collaborative blog,”How to Attract Healthy Love” on 

This is a subject explored by others.

Can You Imagine Being a Heart-Centered Love Catalyst?

Pleasure or Pain?  The Choice is Ours!


In case you have yet figured it out yet from my posts on facebook, I’m not one who is into pain, anger, hatred, guilt, shame, blame and fear and other negative emotions. In order to be true to myself and my purpose in life, I focus on living from heart and striving for a state of peace, joy, abundance and love. I find that I am now able to achieve and maintain this inner peace most of the time.

However, being human and still learning to live in my divinity, I am as yet unable to sustain a peaceful state in perpetuity. Even so, to be in integrity with my higher self, I am ever expanding my consciousness with that intention. I enjoy my daily life and precious relationships, as I strive to create “heaven on earth,” for myself, and those whose lives I share.

I like to imagine a reality where the most prosperous among us measure their wealth by the amount of love, joy and pleasure they experience and share everyday. Instead of selfishly hoarding their treasures, each individual compassionately and wholeheartedly shares their wealth with others. Everyone looks for ways to help those who are ready to release past negativity, poverty thinking, pain, suffering and indiscretions. They offer a helping hand to those who are taking leaps of faith with the intention of landing in the world of abundance thinking, a world in which everyone is unconditionally loved, valued, appreciated and respected no matter how much innate talent or material wealth they already possess.

What if those of us who have chosen the healing arts as a way of life, become the mentors for those who wish to archive as history the outmoded punishment society that has thrived on greed, fear, guilt, blame and shame. Can you envision a world where co-creation, cooperation and collaboration are the models for relating with others both intimately and in business…at all levels of society…and where those levels coalesce into the oneness of Spirit our hearts desire? I can! And, in my heart, that’s where I choose to live.

Are you ready for a world like that? If so, why not claim your freedom and become a heart-centered love catalyst today? From the center of your being, simply imagine that you can expand to include others by reaching out to as many as are willing to share their wealth and expand as well…to include even more and more beings in our Universal Family of Love. Until, one day the world is fully awake, fully in-love and living consciously from heart. I just know that this vision is within the realm of possibility. According to Napolean Hill, a mentor to many of us, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

And, my favorite quote of all time from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe . . .

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

Attached to my key ring is a brass fob with the words, “Anything is Possible if You Believe.” I’ve carried this with me for almost 30 years, so for me, this vision isn’t new. It’s real and embodied in my heart and soul.

John Lennon expresses this vision well, in his song, Imagine.  For some beautiful memories and inspiration in this moment, please enjoy!





A Fresh Start . . . for 2016 and Beyond

Welcome to Empatherapy (formerly Elizabeth Powers Empatherapy)

So much has happened in my life since my return to Northern California in June of 2012. The internet service where I was living for the past almost four years was undependable and frequently I’d loose connection. Consequently, I was unable in good conscience, to continue seeing clients online. Therefore, I made the choice to focus on personal needs, wants and desires in various aspects of my life.

It’s been a time for self-exploration and relationships, reconnecting with the various communities and friends I’d missed while living in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years. I dove in deeply and expanded my knowledge of the art of Tantra and added Erotic Hypnosis to my skill set. I also connected more deeply with my personal energy through Biodanza (The Dance of Life) classes, and learned new technologies from Network for New Culture events on how to live in conscious, loving and co-creative community.

For those of you who were familiar with my previous website,, you’ll still be able to find me. I have carried forward my old blog posts, as some of the articles are of value to share with new viewers. My new website is now simply named and focuses primarily on learning the skills for clear and conscious communication, and for creating dynamic and powerful relationships with self and others.

In addition to offering private Life Mastery sessions for individuals, I plan to hosting webinars, and offer classes, workshops and events both in my local community and online using an interactive live video format.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Elizabeth. Please be respectful when leaving comments. Relate your messages only to the specific blog articles posted as all else will be considered spam and removed.


Stand Firm and Stay True to Yourself

“Though others challenge and criticize you for the life path you have chosen,
pay no attention if they attempt to dissuade you from your mission and purpose.
Stay true to yourself, your passion and your purpose.
The Universe is paying attention and will support you
in being, doing and having the life of your dreams.”

~ Elizabeth Powers ~

Feelings No Words Can Explain

These “best feelings” are the ones I desire to abide in. Therefore, I’ve been creating processes to help me increasingly remain in a place of pure unconditional love. I’ve learned that the more loving, content, passionate, joyful and powerful I feel, the easier it is to tap into that place in others.

Those precious life moments and intense peak experiences are always with us as feelings stored deep within the kinesthetic memories of our bodies and minds. To access these memories, I close my eyes, relax and then begin to reflect on the most memorable times in my life. I look for the times when I’ve felt exalted in love, deeply intimate and tender, joy-filled and ecstatic, vulnerable yet powerful . . . as if riding on the ethereal wings of a natural high.

As I bring these thoughts and feelings into present time, my body and mind begin to feel lighter. I feel Source energy radiate through me…a warm surge…like Kundalini rising.

I breathe in gold light energy and it fills my entire being. Suddenly, in the here and now, I am feeling passionate about life once more. The more I practice and allow myself to be in joy, the better I feel. The better I feel…the more I accomplish…the better I feel. Growth and manifestation are exponential as long as I remain in the energy of love.

Words are often inadequate to describe some of our highest and best feelings, yet it’s the feelings we seek…not an explanation. Why or the how something happens is irrelevant, it’s the what is happening to me right now that’s important. The past is only memory and can be recalled as needed to learn from. Feelings gleaned from past memories can be recreated in the now. We can release those memories that do not serve us and bring into our hearts, the love, joy, and beauty that feeds our soul. There is no need to say a thing.

If you are looking for someone to guide you through the process of becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur, please check out my Offerings. I’ll be happy to help you discover your passion, envision your business, and create the life of your dreams. I’m also available to help those who are already in business to shift the energy from the old paradigm to a 21st Century heart centered co-creative focus.

I’ll soon be adding a 90 day quick start and a 6 month mentoring program specifically designed to help you to give birth to your vision in a way that feels easy, effortless, exciting, energizing and rewarding.