Client Comments

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What Clients are Saying about Sessions with Elizabeth

“Elizabeth has a calmness about her that instantly puts you at ease so you can feel safe and comfortable to share your thoughts and feelings. She also asked great questions to be able to understand how to help me. She brought me through a guided exercise to help me understand what my emotions were and how they served me in the past and don’t serve me in the present.”

“Elizabeth was wonderful to work with. She listens not only with her ears but her heart too. She was a huge help me and I highly recommend her”

Karen McKenna-Veliotis, Professional Organizer at Organized Designs
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“I found my Clearing Session with Elizabeth via Skype to be enjoyable and relaxed. Elizabeth made me feel at ease and nurtured through out our session and not at all uncomfortable as I thought I might feel! I experienced some emotional shifts which had me feeling ‘lighter’ and more energised, Elizabeth also helped remove a lot of tension I was holding in my body and left me with some simple techniques I can use to keep my emotional wellness in good shape!”

Julie St. Clair, Makeup Artist at Style & Grace                                                                                                                Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

“Elizabeth gave me such a great way to visualize what I want to see and gave me great tools to continue to release any negative or limiting thoughts I may have that will prevent me from moving forward towards my life goals. I feel much more prepared to take the necessary steps now that I have removed emotional garbage that was getting in my way. What a wonderful experience I was privileged to have had.”

Cheryl Wilms, Inspirepreneur, Transformational Coach and Writer                                                            Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“The session I had with Elizabeth was excellent and helped me identify some old “stuff” to be cleared out. I learned some new techniques/exercises and will continue to use them for more clearing. Elizabeth is very loving, accepting and supportive and I felt very comfortable during the entire session. Thank you, Elizabeth.”

Lucy Gunther, WordsmithFreelance Writer/Editor & Wellness Consultant
Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands

“Through asking powerful questions and using effective tools, Elizabeth was able to guide me through releasing a block that was holding me back from fully moving forward. She created a safe and comfortable environment. She was gentle and understanding, yet hit things directly on the head. And she used an experiential tool that addresses multiple learning styles and offers a practical method for me to continue using whenever I need to. I’ve even adapted it for use with my own clients! I’ve seen lasting change as a result of my session with Elizabeth and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward, but needs to clear some blocks.”

Leanne Chesser, Business Coach – WHAM Solution
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“If there is something in your life that simply doesn’t seem to want to let go then be sure to schedule a session with Elizabeth. Whether you feel this issue is hanging on to you or you are hanging on to it- letting go is a huge relief and with support from Elizabeth easy to do.”

Susan Shangle, Computer Coach
New Zealand

“I received a session with Elizabeth and found a tremendous release of pain that had been in my neck, as well as emotions that seemed to have been “trapped” there. It was very clear that there was a connection between the pain area, and the emotional issue that was contributing to it.”

“I had a second session that was completely different than the first in it’s content, and I was blown away at how focused I felt afterwards…and the clarity I had never experienced before about my true goals and desires in life…as well as a very simple practical ‘toolkit’ that I found keeps me able to keep the past in a nice little compartment, the present at my fingertips, and the future right in front of me where I can see it clearly and move towards it. Elizabeth was very patient, had great expertise and skill, and was very intuitive and pleasant. I fully recommend her without hesitation!”

Donny Nelson, Musician and Guitar Teacher 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“In a private facebook group, I asked the question of the members, “How do I learn or relearn patience with others.” My question went unanswered for at least 12 hours. And then my angel showed up and kindly helped me to clearly see through my problem. My angel went a step further and told me why, how, and what to do to change it. Elizabeth was the kind angel that showed up just when I was ready to learn.

Elizabeth is amazing, thought provoking, insightful, and kind. Her energy channeling ability changed my life. She helped me breakthrough an issue I could not do on my own, something I’d struggled with all my life. She showed me how to take my power back. After my session with Elizabeth, I was overcome with gratitude. God Bless, and may she continue the work.”

Stacey Wilson, “Hair Galaxy” Salon Owner and Empath
Chicago, Illinois, USA

“‎Elizabeth Powers is deep, gifted and sensitive. While working with her, she has the rare gift to tell you the healing words you need to hear. Having sessions with Elisabeth is more than a treat! ”

Guillemette Bougault, Counseling Victims of Bullying at Work No Way
Paris, France

“Elizabeth is a great person and an awesome spiritual counselor. Work with her if you get the chance!”

Scott Koepsell, Energy Coach, Reader and Healer