Creating Dynamic Intimate Relationships

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For Couples: Building Dynamic Co-Creative Intimate Relationships
This is NOT marriage counseling! It is a process for creating intimate relationships based on honesty, compassion, respect, consensus, passion, co-creation, and unconditional love. As a couple, you will work together, with Elizabeth’s guidance, to co-create an authentic, conscious, committed, dynamic, loving, expansive and powerful partnership. Those in same sex (LGBT friendly) and mixed racial/cultural/religious relationships are welcome.
You Will Practice with Each Other as You Learn to . . .
  • Share from your core truth and ask for 100% of what you want.
  • Express unconditional love in all your intimate communications.
  • Finely Tune Your Relationship by addressing conflicts as they arise.
  • Co-create a shared vision so both partners feel engaged and fulfilled.
  • Listen with focused attention to each other’s truth without judgment.
  • Negotiate consensual agreements so the needs of both partners are met.
  • Say NO to Your Partner when words or actions go against your core truth.

Offering Two Levels of Commitment

Basic Couples Program: Reaffirming and Clarifying Your Relationship

 In the Basic Couples Program, each partner will first receive one (1) private session so Elizabeth can get to know your individual perspectives. As a couple, you will receive three (3) sessions together for a total package of five (5) sessions. Additional individual or couples sessions can be added at a reduced per session rate to accommodate your needs. 

Package includes two (2) individual sessions (one per partner) and three (3) couples sessions for a total of six (5) sessions over four to five weeks.  $447 includes approximately a 15% discount.

Schedule Your Basic Couples Program   $447 for the package
3 Couples Sessions                    Partner One (1) Single Individual Session   
                                                            Partner Two (2) Single Individual Session

Please Note: The $447.00 Amount will be charged when you schedule the Three (3) Couples Sessions.  The amount $0.00 (no charge) will appear on each of the Individual Sessions.

Three Month Couples Mentoring Program: Mastering the Art of Conscious            C0-Creative Intimate Relationships 

In this Three (3) Month Couples Mentoring Program you will gain clarity, align your energy and co-create a vision for your relationship. You will also have several opportunities to clear fears and issues with each other, such as jealousy, judgment, co-dependent behaviors, and the need for space and personal freedom. You will actively practice the art of emotional intimacy. Some of the topics to be included are passion and compassion, commitments and agreements, sexual and intimacy issues, gratitude and appreciation, forgiveness, honesty, intention, focus and unconditional love.

Package includes three (3) individual sessions per partner (1 initial, 1 halfway and 1 follow-up session each) for a total of six (6). Plus a total of nine (9 couples sessions). A grand total of (15) sessions over a period of 3 months.  $1257 includes approximately a 20% discount.

Schedule Your Three (3) Month Couples Mentoring Program  $1257 for the package
Nine (9) Couples Sessions                   Partner One (3) Individual Sessions   
                                                                          Partner Two (3) Individual Sessions

Please Note: The $1257.00 Amount will be charged when you schedule the Three (9) Couples Sessions.  The amount $0.00 (no charge) will appear the 6 Individual Sessions (3 Sessions each).

Package rates are discounted and based on a combined rate of the $75/Individual per session and $125/Couples per session. Individual sessions last approximately 1.5 hours and couples sessions about 2 hours.

For those enrolled in a couple’s package program:

Additional Individual Sessions  $67 per 90 minute session   Schedule Your Sessions 
Additional Couples Sessions      $97 per 120 minute session  Schedule Your Sessions