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Who benefits from Hypnotic Remodeling or Life Mastery Sessions?
  • Individuals committed to living happy, healthy, productive and meaningful lives.
  • People who seek conscious co-creative relationships and deeper levels of intimacy.
  • Anyone wishing to improve the quality and effectiveness of their communication skills.
  • Those willing to be honest and true to themselves, live their passions, and master their lives.
  • All who desire to raise their vibrations and live in alignment with their highest ethics and values.
When you experience Empatherapy with Elizabeth, you will learn how to:
  • Reclaim your personal power and learn how to live with conviction from your core truth.
  • Tune into your higher self, and pay attention to your gut level instincts and higher intuition.
  • Release emotional blocks that keep you stuck and replace them with new effective behaviors.
  • Forgive and let go of negative beliefs, about yourself and others, to gain freedom from the past.
  • Focus your attention and intention to attract supportive relationships, experiences and resources.
  • Create your vision, mission and purpose. Design a master plan for your personal and business life.
  • Use tools and techniques for personal clarity to create positive outcomes and healthy relationships.
Healthy, dynamic relationships with self and others are key to leading a happy, healthy and rewarding life. The powerful techniques work for individuals and couples alike.

Both Empatherapy™ and Hypnotic Remodeling™ sessions are attuned and aligned to the 21st Century paradigm of cooperation rather than the outdated model of competition. Creating consensus, co-creating with others, achieving a unity of purpose, and establishing community all require each individual to take personal responsibility for their actions and words. Accountability and consideration for others are key.

“Until we love ourselves completely and can look into the eyes of any stranger and fully embrace their humanity, we cannot honestly say that ‘we are all one.”   ~ E. Powers

Releasing emotional baggage frees us to communicate with truth, transparency and clarity, and to achieve deeper levels of intimacy and harmony in all our relationships. Empatherapyand Hypnotic Remodeling™ sessions, classes, workshops and mentoring programs address the various aspects of one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

With focused attention and intention, I lead each client through a series of effective processes that release outdated thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that keep them living in the past. I help them to free past programming so they can live in the ever present now and experience a life overflowing with love, joy, satisfaction, abundance, prosperity, healthy relationships, pleasure and passion. My goal is to help each each client arrive at a state where they “Feel Good, Happy and Free!”

Hypnotic Remodeling™ (combining Hypnotherapy & other modalities)

Feeling stuck? Ready to clear major barriers to happiness and success: fears, phobias traumas, resentments, or any long-held negative beliefs that do not serve your highest good?

Using Hypnotic Remodeling™ tools and techniques, I will guide you in releasing old patterns of behavior and replacing them with ones that serve your highest good. By combining hypnosis and other modalities, she will help you to move forward toward your vision…feeling happy, healthy, passionate and free.

What you can expect from sessions with Elizabeth.

Experience a series of sessions, with Elizabeth Powers, for a personalized adventure in self-discovery. You can expect to be lovingly and skillfully guided on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be in your life and relationships.

Enjoy sessions in the comfort of your home via Zoom or Skype.

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Please be patient with your process. As with the physical body, emotional wounds take time to heal. The mind often requires a period of relearning, practicing and adjusting to new thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. And yet, some people are rapid processors and experience a rapid shift. Sessions are personalized for that reason.

As you begin to let go of a lifetime of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you, your more deeply held negative core beliefs may begin to surface and be available for examination and release. When the thoughts holding these old core beliefs in place are released, it’s important to replace them with new more appropriate attitudes and behaviors that are aligned with the new version of you. It’s advisable to give yourself about 20 to 28 days to practice and fine tune these new behaviors. It takes about that long to firmly imprint them in your neuronal pathways as habit…thus establishing your new way of being.

For further information, or to ask specific questions, feel free to contact Elizabeth.