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Watch a Free Video Interview with Elizabeth while she was living in Da Nang, Vietnam

While you are on this page, you are invited to watch John Hamilton, my friend from New Zealand, who lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand conduct his first interview with me to kickoff  his new series of podcasts. The Video I have posted here is raw and unedited, and a first time experience for John as an interviewer.

John originally called his podcasts Life Hacker Live, but later changed the name. In the audio podcast that he published from this video, he calls me “Mama Mystic,” though I’m not sure quite how that came about. 

We had issues with the WiFi cutting out on my end. This created a few breaks in or connection, which I later found out was an improperly installed connection between two routers. So, if the audio stops for a bit, wait a moment or two and you will hear me again.

I was just recovering from a cold and had little time to prepare for the interview. I chose the wrong color lipstick, didn’t have a proper backdrop or descent lighting, or the right height table for my laptop. Technical difficulties and aesthetics aside, you may find the conversation interesting.