Stan Dale on Relationship – Happy Birthday Stan!

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December 20th would have been my late friend and mentor, Stan Dale’s, 82nd birthday. Happy Birthday Stan! You are missed and you are loved.

Stan was my first true living spiritual teacher, though he would not have thought of himself in that way. Stan simply loved and showed others how to do the same. He taught them how to love themselves, to love others and to love humanity.

Stan founded The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) together with his late wife Helen Dale, in the late1960’s. HAI’s motto is “Creating A World Where Everyone Wins.” Stan had a vision of changing the world one person at a time. He left a legacy of love and healing in his wake. Thousands of individuals were better off for having known him and for having participated in his Love, Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops that are now held globally.

Stan Dale was ahead of the curve and way ahead of his time. I only wish he could be with us today to see how like-minded souls such as ourselves are coming together globally via the internet to help make his dreams come true.

The following is a short video with Stan Dale as he was talking to a group about the nature of relationships. That wonderful soothing voice still lives in my head and frequently reminds me of the lessons I learned from this master of love.

By the way, if you are old enough to remember “The Shadow” and “The Lone Ranger,” you will probably recognize Stan’s voice. He was the one who would say “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men….”

Love you Stan. Like a guardian angel, I know you are with me all-ways!

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