Empatherapy™ Life Mastery Sessions

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Empatherapy™ Life Mastery Sessions Help You To

Express Unconditional Love, Compassion and Acceptance.

Live from Your Core Truth and Unleash Your Creative Passions.

Release Energetic Blocks to Love, Intimacy, Success, Joy and Abundance.

Replace Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors and Free Your Mind From Doubt and Fear.

Envision Desired Outcomes, Design a Master Plan for Your life, and Manifest Your Dreams. 

Are You Ready to . . . 

Commit to being productive, healthy, happy and free? 

Receive help and guidance on your journey to self mastery?

Empatherapy™ Life Mastery Sessions are available to help make it so!

Your powerful presence, inner wisdom, core values and innate truth are waiting to be revealed. Imagine how good you will feel when you live from your own inner code of ethics. When you can speak your truth in all your interactions, business or personal, you will truly be free.

“This above all, to thine own self be true…”

Be willing to invest in yourself. Take the leap of faith and unleash your full power and potential. Commit to yourself and your process.  Do your work and receive the results you desire and deserve.

 Empatherapy™  Life Mastery Sessions Will Help You to Design a Master Plan for Your Life

Once you have released your blocks, excuses and fears, you will begin living from your core truth Others will take notice of the positive changes. And, you will feel more appreciated and respected as you begin share authentically from your heart with transparency, trust and love.

You will get clear on who you are and what you want. A clear new mental and emotional state will reveal itself. Then, you will begin to create anew…or for the first time…your purpose, mission and vision for life. Life will be easier and more relaxed. Based on respect, honesty, trust, unconditional love and acceptance, your interactions with others will become more pleasant and satisfying.

Learning what you truly want in life is an essential part of your journey. By working together, we will reveal your passions and your vision. These are the things you love to do, even without being paid. I will help you uncover your own inherent talents, interests, skills and abilities.

Actualize Your Vision & Manifest Your Dreams with Empatherapy™  Life Mastery Sessions

Empatherapy Life Mastery Sessions will help you design and implement a master plan for your life. With your vision in mind, together, we will begin the journey to make your dreams come true. I’ll be your personal guide and accountability partner. Together we will create a map to help you stay on the path to completing your goals and actualizing your vision.

This journey will shift your worldview forever. Your heart and mind will fully open to unlimited possibilities. You will let go of old stories, excuses and other people’s plans for you. You will free yourself to passionately live your dreams.

Your first priority is to commit fully to the process of actualizing your vision. You will be skillfully guided as you work through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your Life Mastery plan.

Packages for Three Different Levels of Commitment

Click on a link below to schedule your sessions. Payment in full for your online package (via PayPal) is confirmation of your commitment. A scheduling calendar will offer you available dates and times for your sessions. Please select the same day and time each week. You will have the option to reschedule sessions, with reasonable notice, if necessary.

You will also need to complete an Intake Form. It’s a standard questionnaire, though some questions are of a personal nature. All your information will be held sacred and confidential. Your answers will save us both valuable time in your sessions. They will also help me to better serve your needs.

SELECT A Package for your Empatherapy™ Life Mastery Sessions NOW!
Get Clear on What You Want and Release Blocks to Your Vision
motional Block Clearing & Envisioning
(1 session per week for 4 weeks)                 $27o USD prepaid
A savings of 10% (based on $75 USD per 90 minute session)
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Gain Clarity, Release Blocks and Expand Your Vision
Release Emotional Blocks, Envision and
Create a Master Plan for Your Life
(1 session per week for 8 weeks)                  $510 USD prepaid
A savings of 15% (based on $75 USD per 90 minute session)
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Gain Clarity, Release Blocks, Envision and Create
a Master Plan, and Manifest Your Vision (Make it so)
(1 session per week for 12 weeks)                $720 USD prepaid
A savings of 20% (based on $75 USD per 90 minute session)
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Individual Follow-up Sessions for those who have completed a Package of Sessions                 @ $67 each (paid by the session and discounted based on the $75 per session rate).
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All 90 minute sessions are based on a $75 USD per session rate. Living in SE Asia has allowed me to roll back the cost per session to half my former rate per 9o minute session. In fact, it’s the same amount I first charged for Hypnotherapy sessions when I started my practice about 30 years ago.

Prepaid packages are discounted from 10-20%.  If you are unable to prepay the package, but would still like to participate in one of the above programs, the cost per session will be $75 USD. Discounts are only available for those who prepay.

You may wonder why sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes. There is not sufficient time to delve deeply into an issue in only one hour. And, if difficult issues or emotions surface, it is best to address them in the moment. I will not to leave clients in the middle of a crisis or stop when a process is incomplete.

Occasionally, a session will last longer than 90 minutes. There is no extra charge. I am committed to having clients leave a session feeling better than when we started.